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Saving the Oceans by 2050

This. Invented by 23 year old Boyan Slat. #SuperHero

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Caribbean Sea Acts as a Whistle, can be ‘heard’ from Space!

Reprinted from A study of the Caribbean Sea by University of Liverpool ocean scientists has revealed that, in the midst of all the noise of the ocean, this region behaves like a whistle, which blows so loudly that it can be ‘heard’ from space in the form of oscillations of the Earth’s gravity field. […]

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A Tale of a Vanishing Caribbean Tradition

Every island has fishing villages that feel centuries old, shores that are littered with broken boats (schooners), nets, and memories of the days of great catches. It’s the proud and dying life memorialised in the late Derek Walcott’s poem,┬áThe Schooner Flight. I know these islands from Monos to Nassau, a rusty head sailor with sea-green […]