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Some Notes about Plumeria

Taking a moment to contemplate beauty: the fierce, passionately real, full-on mesmerising beauty of the plumeria (frangipani) flower. Vivid, sun-drenched tropical colours soaking in velvety petals, a deep breath in gives an intoxicating scent. It’s the inspiration for the Frangipani Sargasso Botanica soap. Here’s the story. The plumeria plant (common name is ‘frangipani’) is native […]

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I (finally) Love My Fine, Thin Hair

learning to love my fine and thin hair

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Healing Lily

Daddy still calls it single bible, as most Jamaicans who grew up in the country do. One of nature’s master healers. Single bible, aloe vera. It has saved my skin more than once: sunburns, cooking burns, even caustic soda burns from soap making. Last year while we were travelling, one of the children picked up […]

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The Family Hair

She was the toddler with a mohawk, the one who hated getting her hair combed, the kid who ran away screaming at the sight of a comb, and the beautiful child who her dad called the kid with the “dynamite hair style.”