On birthdays

There are Mondays. Then there are Mondays after your birthday (which is always a little emotional for me) – when you’ve celebrated quietly and avoided all but the most essential questions.

What have I accomplished? Is it what I’m meant to be doing? Is it what I’ve dreamt of doing? What’s next? Who’s coming with me? Why can’t I just eat the cupcakes and chill like most people? (I can’t.)

Especially this year — 2020, the year that keeps on giving and twisting and reshaping our realities in the most profound of ways. I have spent a few days wondering . . . and recovering from a powerful (but totally worth it) hangover.

One more year until 50; 10 more days until we leave these shores for another. Bring it all on.

By kateemo

I'm an expat, though I'm not sure of where or what at any given time. I'm currently living in London. I moved here in June 2008 for love (and hopefully money) after living for most of my life in the States (the United ones). I was born in Jamaica many years ago, before Dancehall went global.

I'm the heart, hands and brain of Sargasso Trading Company, so I spend my days making beautiful, lovely smelling natural cosmetics.

As a lifelong lover of words, I also enjoy my freelance work as a content specialist.

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