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Rosehip Mosqueta Oil

rosehip oil mosqueta Chilean oil wildcrafted stretch mark fader cure skin regeneration and booster

Used for centuries by Andean peoples, rosehip mosqueta (also known as rosehip rubiginosa) oil is very popular in natural cosmetics. It grows wild in the Southern Andes and is wildcrafted, or harvested, by hand.

Rosehip seed oil or extract (the fruit and the seed) is Chile’s main medicinal plant export, so a major part of this country’s agricultural economy. Rosehip canina oil, which is grown elsewhere, is closely related, and has similar properties. We choose the Chilean mosqueta because it supports Chile’s developing economy and maybe, just maybe, it has some Andean magic!

rosehip seeds
Fruit from the rose mosqueta bush is harvested, then dried. Seeds are extracted from the fruit and pressed to make oil. Pictured here: a freshly cut pod.

Prized for its skin regenerating properties, rosehip seed oil is used neat or in skin serums which purport to heal damaged skin. It’s got a light, pleasant odour and is absorbed well (skin loves it!). It’s not sticky or thick, so. . . nice to use. But (always a “but”), like coconut oil, it can be drying with frequent use as a neat application. This is why it’s best used in a blend.

Of Stretch Marks and Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil has been celebrated as a stretch mark fader. This is the type of claim that actually terrifies me, because anyone who has stretch marks would love to be rid of them magically. Stretch marks are the tearing of your skin through all of its layers. Usually a result of dramatic and significant weight loss or gain (pregnancy, adolescence). Some people claim that rosehip oil penetrates every layer of skin to heal right through, but science does not support this. It would be the equivalent of stitching those broken fibres together seamlessly. Come on, now. . .

oil penetrating skin
Illustration of how vegetable oils can penetrate skin. Note the journey from top layer through mid-layer, but no further. Stretch marks are tears through all dermis layers. Illustration excised from COSSMA research.

Any topical cosmetic therapy will help to improve the health and appearance of the top layers of skin only. If you’re lucky enough that this solves your problem, then that’s great. But be careful of promises to rid yourself of stretch marks. You can improve the appearance by making the top layers of skin supple with a good skin product that includes at least 8% rosehip oil. This is therapy, and not a cure.

Staying out of the sun is a good idea; when the top layers of skin darken in the sun, they also dry and then are stressed. Meanwhile, the stretched areas beneath won’t darken. They’ll actually look more stressed and pronounced.

Rosehip Oil Therapy

Besides stretch mark therapy, rosehip oil has plenty of other very impressive qualities for use on skin and hair. According to a study conducted by the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology of the Universidad de Concepción in Chile, the continuous application of the oil of this fruit effectively reduced scars on 180 patients who had undergone surgery, suffered burns and other ailments.

The study helps us conclude that other fantastic properties of this oil are:

  • Skin rehydration – Its high content of fatty acids helps eliminate dry skin.
  • Anti-ageing – Forestalls premature aging of the skin, delaying the onset of wrinkles and diminishing expression lines.
  • Sun Protectant – Combats photo-aging effects, protecting and repairing the damage caused by excessive exposure to solar rays.
  • Skin toner – Combats cellulite. Need we say more?
  • Immunity improver – Helps to stave off symptoms of the common cold, because the fruits are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.
aloe h+s seaflower 60
It’s in our Aloe hair + skin tonic to give skin a self-healing boost. Along with the aloe vera, seaweed extract, coconut oil, and essential oils, the tonic aims to get those skin cells turning over a new leaf. This formulation is a lighter option than a pure oil and can be used from head to toe. The spray application helps propel those molecules around to stimulate immune system benefits. Suitable for use on everyone 3y+.
landscape hs oils insect
Rosehip oil is the skin boost in our ‘go-to’ Botanica hair + body oil with island perfume aromatherapy. While the plant essences are busy keeping the bugs away, we’ve packed in the skin healing with rosehip, jojoba + grapeseed oils. The resulting blend is light and not greasy feeling. And well priced from £6, I might add. Suitable for everyone’s skin 3y+.
  • For more information on how rosehip mosqueta exports are growing Chile’s economy, see: This is Chile.
  • Read about how rosehip oil works its magic here.
  • Worried about stretch marks or wanting to know what your options are? Start with the facts here:

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