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Healing Lily

Daddy still calls it single bible, as most Jamaicans who grew up in the country do. One of nature’s master healers.

Single bible, aloe vera. It has saved my skin more than once: sunburns, cooking burns, even caustic soda burns from soap making. Last year while we were travelling, one of the children picked up the delightful hand, foot and mouth disease. I had it worse, the blisters developing the night of the US presidential election results. Worse yet, I had the unfortunate pleasure of staying up all night to watch (couldn’t sleep, it was SO itchy) the unraveling of a nation’s best interest. We will need the civic equivalent of aloe vera to heal the country. I take no pleasure watching and listening from the other side of the Atlantic. And anyways, we have our own, similar problems in the UK. Funny that.

Back to the aloe. During the two days of torturous itchy blisters on my palms, the only thing that worked was aloe vera leaf gel, cut straight from the plant and rubbed–hard–into the blisters. I was never so grateful for my mother’s green thumb and the big aloes growing in her garden. And didn’t have to worry, as with steroid or cortisones which can only be applied a few times per day. And anyway, they didn’t work. At all.

Just the smell of aloe makes me feel well. It’s in nearly everything I make for Sargasso. I love it for its ability to soften skin and calm hair.

aloe 4 images
We use the aloe vera lily water at home, neat. For me, it’s a lovely toner after cleansing my face. I sweep it over my eye area. . . . won’t hurt. I’m getting to “that age” and my worry lines show a bit more than I’d like them to.

The aloe vera lily water also is in our spray bottle. It detangles L’s hair wonderfully. M’s is thicker and a different texture, so I use the aloe hair + skin tonic for hers; it’s got coconut and rosehip oils, a little pro-vitamin B-5, so it’s essentially a light leave-in conditioner.

And yes, of course we use all the rest. I have friends who love the Aloe Sargasso Botanica soap: It’s clean and fresh. They’re a little disappointed to learn that the perfume isn’t 100% natural. While there’s no essential oil from aloe, our perfume supplier has created a beautiful, skin-safe aloe scent.

cropped-sar_seahorse-2.pngIn Barbados, it grows absolutely everywhere. Indeed, the plant was given ‘Barbados’ for it’s latin name: aloe barbadensis. More on this later, but we’ve got big plans of adding to the country’s botanical resource base.

Back home in the UK, I am nursing my baby aloe plant back to health, as the well-meaning husband overwatered it whilst we were away for the Easter holidays. But it’s one of those plants you always want to have around, no matter what. Healing. We need it, as much as we can get it. Either that or start thinking seriously about interplanetary travel.

Browse the Sargasso Aloe collection.

By kateemo

I'm an expat, though I'm not sure of where or what at any given time. I'm currently living in London. I moved here in June 2008 for love (and hopefully money) after living for most of my life in the States (the United ones). I was born in Jamaica many years ago, before Dancehall went global.

I'm the heart, hands and brain of Sargasso Trading Company, so I spend my days making beautiful, lovely smelling natural cosmetics.

As a lifelong lover of words, I also enjoy my freelance work as a content specialist.

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